One-on-One Training and Troubleshooting

Support for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC

Don’t Worry About Covid. I’ll Get on Your Computer Remotely.

There are a lot of Adobe gurus, but can they explain things in a way you can understand? I've been teaching Lightroom since Lightroom 1 in 2007. Students tell me I can make complicated technical concepts understandable. I'm an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert, and a CompTIA Certified Classroom Trainer.

Let me fix your Lightroom messes due to missing images and catalog problems. I can also help you learn new Lightroom skills. 
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Catalog Problems

Lost images? Extra catalogs? Don't know where your images are? I can help! I'll troubleshoot your problems, explaining everything I do, before I do it!

Moving to a New Computer

Sooner or later everyone moves to a new computer. It doesn't need to be a scary, daunting task! I'll help make it simple, fast, and safe.

Updating Versions

I'll help you do it. Moving from an old CC version to a newer one is fast. Updating from Lightroom 6 to Lightroom Classic CC is almost as simple.

Backup Strategies

Backups are critical, but they don't have to be complicated! The easiest, best, and safest strategy is often to simply backup your computer. Let's talk about it.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Photoshop is all about layers. I'll teach you how to do things Lightroom can't, like compositing two images together to replace a boring sky.

Layer Masks

Layers are almost useless without layer masks. They control what part of a layer is visible, or what part of an image is adjusted. We'll create detailed masks quickly using selection tools.

Adjustment Layers

Sometimes you need to adjust part of an image. Change a color. Brighten a face. Bring out a dark detail. We'll use adjustment layers with layer masks to define the area to adjust.

Sharpening for Printing

Your image looks great on your screen, but the print will not look as good! Smart Sharpen can compensate for the slight blur added by the printing process.

In Your Home

If you live near Minneapolis, Minnesota, I can come to your home to work hands-on on your computer. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

At My Site

You can bring your computer to my home. We can work hands-on to teach you skills or troubleshoot your problems. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE


Use your COVID downtime to clean up any problems you have. I can see your screen and control it online using Zoom. I specialize in helping people fix their broken catalogs, missing images, and other Lightroom disasters. We can talk on the phone to see if I can help you. $75/hour

  • Minneapolis, MN, USA